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Terms and Conditions

  • I am fully Insured.

  • 50% of the agreed quote is payable up front as deposit, the remaining 50% immediately when the job is done. 

  • Before starting the work, together we will walk down the area to be cleaned looking at any pre existing damage. Any damage which is not visually apparent but may be revealed during cleaning means I will stop and contact the customer to alert them of its existence.

  • Cancellation-cancellation within 24 hrs of the job starting will mean deposit is not returned. 

  • Of course, life happens and things change so if you have to reschedule we can work together to set a new date. 

  • Customer agrees to allow me to use their on-site water supply via outdoor tap, or indoor tap, which will be turned on and easily accessible on the date of job.

  • Any outdoor electrical sockets or fittings not rated to IP66 must be isolated.

  • All pets and children to remain indoors before and during cleaning.

  • Clear work areas of vehicles, garden furniture, doormats, plants in pots, and other sensitive items. 

  • Any water ingress due to leaking window/door seals is the responsibility of the customer.

  • Before, during and after the cleaning job if any chemicals are used all surrounding plants and grass will be watered down. After cleaning all work areas will be rinsed to remove splatters etc.

  • All chemicals used are biodegradable and break down in the sewerage system. 

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